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[PR Asia] †ëåmÐrûg

Discussion in 'Clan Introduction & Recruitment' started by мя. кιηg, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. мя. кιηg

    мя. кιηg MG Donor

    [PR Asia] †ëåmÐrûg
    Guild Tag: [‡.Ð]
    Guild Level: 20 (Max)
    Buffs: All PR Buffs (Will work on the rest later)

    There are no level requirements needed to join :) It was a fun group and Guild I created when I use to be a regular 3 years ago and some of my friends wanted to be in a guild :). There are only a couple of things you should keep in mind when joining this guild, they are as follows:
    1. Be active and play often (Otherwise no point joining a guild)
    2. Must follow MG rules.
    3. Be respectful to Guild members, administrators and other players.
    4. Add the Tag [‡.Ð] to your in-game name. (but this is optional).
    5. But most important thing, HAVE FUN LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW OR I KICK YOU XD
    6. To apply, leave a message on this thread.
    Kindly follow the below mentioned format while applying :)

    Your In-Game name:
    Your In-Game Level:
    Why would you want me to accept:
    Your Steam Profile Link:
  2. ancient

    ancient MG Donor

  3. мя. кιηg

    мя. кιηg MG Donor

    Blackbird added! Welcome back bro :D
    ancient likes this.

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