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OMG My Leg is Broken!

Discussion in 'DayZ Servers' started by Mr Zombie, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    Ok, so i have broken my leg, there is no one on the server to ask for help
    does morphine even spawn on here...never see it :O

    If you know please tell me!

    Thanks :)
  2. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    If you are near Byelov try to make a trip to the hospital hopefully during night time. There's always some there. Its on the top right corner of the town.
  3. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    Thanks HC,

    I did go there in the end and found what i needed :)
    Part of the reason I was asking is because the first time I went there, when I shot the window
    to get in it would not break but I think that was the one on North Island, will have to check that again
    as I may have been lagging.

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