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    Hey there, I wanted to write a review of all the weapons we can use in game, their usefulness and weaknesses in my opinion and how they function compared to all others.

    Keep in mind this review is without all the best buffs which work to increase their damage, and it is my personal opinion on them and how I personally find them useful in different situations. All my reviews are open to interpretation and disagreement.

    The first weapons to be reviewed are the Pistols:

    Pistols - Pistol (One handed) This has been recently buffed on request and is now relatively on par with the double pistol, what makes this weapon good is the fact that it does fairly high damage to special infected and tanks alike, coupled with a quick switch time as well as a fast reload speed.

    It's damage has been increased from 36 to 48 base damage, coupled with various damage increasing skills it can easily output 200+ damage per shot to tier 1 tanks and deals double the damage of a rifle on headshots on the SI, making it a well-suited choice with infinite ammo for any survivor who prefers the single-handed pistol. It's usefulness is maximized when coupled with Auto Pistol Modulator acquired at level 235 which lets you auto-fire the gun.

    It holds up to 22 rounds of very high damage combined with a high rate of fire and a fast reload speed.

    Recommended for both low tier tank battles and expert campaign runs given that you are aiming for well-placed headshots with the Focused buff it can one-shot to two-shot special infected, and you have infinite ammo on it.

    Dual Pistols - The dualies are a powerful alternative to the single pistol, holding up to 45 rounds before needing to reload, 36 base damage per bullet and a much higher rate of fire compared to the single pistol they are an excellent choice for riddling CI and SI with bullets, their butt-clenching high damage that would make even the rifles such as the SG552 jealous is good enough to deal a modestly high amount of damage to lower tier tanks and are able to perform quite well even against some tier 3 tanks.

    The Magnum - The Magnum Pistol is the last alternative from the pistol category of weapons, it has a base damage of 80 which is the highest of all pistols, holds up to 12 rounds of some very powerful rounds that make tier 1s wonder "why is this weapon so broken holy shit", since I easily dominated a dormant tank just by pressing mouse 1 and using this with the Auto Pistol Modular before the berserk timer even ended.

    It's quite a powerful choice and my choice for secondary weapon right now, do note however you shouldn't use it against hordes of CI since it's slow and only holds 12 rounds, it is however an excellent choice paired with Zapping Gun and Focused for easy instant kill headshots on uber SI.

    Please note from the Pistol category, all pistols have their damage doubled if you are in a clan, which means the Pistol damage is 96, the Dual Pistol damage is 72, and the Magnum damage is 160.

    Moving on to the RIFLES category, you will find 5 weapons here.

    The M16 - The M16 rifle is the main assault rifle a survivor can use, it holds up to 75 rounds, has a high rate of fire, has a fast reload time and deals a base damage of 36 per bullet, on top of that it has very little weapon sway when firing, almost non-existent when crouch firing making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants high accuracy on long range enemies. That being said since it fires so fast it does run out of ammo fairly quickly.

    The AK47 - The AK47 has a slower firing speed compared to the M16, but compensates with higher damage. It holds up to 60 rounds per magazine and deals 58 damage per shot, the highest damage of any rifle currently on mgftw. It is a powerful weapon and a very good choice against tier 3 tanks, but lacks accuracy in longer range if you are not crouched as the weapon sway is quite high on it. That being said it holds very good accuracy when crouched, and you should have no problems hitting any distant targets with it. If you try to shoot it accurately while moving you may look like you have parkinson's so you will miss most of your shots if your target isn't right in front of you.

    The Desert Rifle - The Desert rifle is a 3-shot burst rifle, it holds 90 rounds and deals the damage of "why didn't I pick the AK47", did you know it's also a rifle to almost no one ever uses? There are much better choices out there.

    It's kinda useless, sorry.

    The M60 - The M60 has a firing speed similar to the AK47, it holds 150 rounds and deals 30 damage per round. It's also a testament to the words "Bigger is not always better" since it's damage is so low, it's firing speed is slower than that of an M16, and also it has a long reload time. Making it completely useless compared to either the M16 or the AK47, which due to their reload speeds and bullet damage are much more effective.

    It's one plus is that it holds 750 bullets in reserve for a total of 900 bullets, and can decimate hordes of common infected with the right buff.

    The SG552 - The SG552 is the AK47's stupid little brother, it can do everything all the other rifles can do, but worse in every possible way compared to the M16 and the AK, it holds...I don't really know how many rounds it holds, it's damage is 33 normally, and 55 scoped in. It's worthy to note it uses airsoft bullets, which is why no one uses it, it also has a slow attack speed when scoped in.

    And that's all there is to it with the rifles, now moving on...


    The Auto Shotty, or the Auto Shotgun - The Auto shotgun holds 15 cartridges of easy torn HD tickets, with 11 pellets doing 23 damage each, making you wonder "how the fk did I score 600 CI kills by spaming mouse 1", it has a fast reload speed when you throw away the useless Compressed Shell buff, a very fast firing speed for a shotgun, it easily mows down entire hordes of infected while obliterating SI in difficulties up to Advanced, and holds itself pretty well against uber SI as well. It's worthy to note you can instantly reload it by switching between the Auto and Spas shotguns using the 100 bounty you just got from obliterating all those CI on the map using Zombie Erradicator buff.

    Pump Shotgun - The Pump Shotgun holds 12 cartridges of "Why didn't I pick the Auto or the Spas", it deals 33 damage per pellet and each shot shoots 10 pellets. It must reload every shot and it also must reload the cartridges back in once you run out of them, making it a slow firing weapon which also deals way too little damage for it's fire rate and reload speed, this makes it an easy choice to throw it away in favor of the Auto Shotty or the Spastic Shotgun.

    Chrome Shotgun - Same thing as the Pump Shotgun, except the Chrome Shotgun fires 8 pellets per shot with 41 damage each. It's much lighter than the Pump Shotgun however so you can more easily throw it away while you pick up a better shotgun.

    Spas Shotgun - Ah, the twin sister of the Auto Shotgun, it holds the same 15 amount of cartridges as the Auto Shotgun, it deals 28 damage with 9 pellets, has the same fast firing rate as the Auto Shotgun, the same fast reload rate, and it makes you wonder why either the Pump or Chrome shotguns exist when you got those 2 memes together.

    Now moving on to the next category...

    The SMGS:

    SMG - The SMG holds 90 rounds, each bullet deals 20 damage, it has the fastest firing speed of the weapons, but the same firing speed as the Silenced SMG, which is better in every possible way except the amount of rounds it holds, and also makes you wonder why the normal SMG still exists.

    The MP5 SMG - This one actually deals damage, it holds 60 rounds each doing 30 damage, but it's firing speed makes you wonder why did you pick up this thing when the M16 exists?

    The Silenced SMG - The best overall choice of the SMGs, it has the same fire speed as the normal SMG, except it's much better in terms of damage, it's easy to find a muzzle flash disabled skin if you don't link it's normal skin, and is overall great and killing CI hordes. It's worthy to note that due to it's rapid attack speed it will run out of magazine pretty quickly, so you will mostly be reloading it. It holds over 1000 rounds in total, and it should take you around 1 minute of uninterrupted fire to use them all.

    That's all there is to the SMGs.

    The last section of the Weapons part includes the Sniper rifles

    The Hunting Rifle - The hunting rifle holds 22 rounds with a damage of 120 per round, and whenever you pick it up you wonder why is this better compared to the Millitary rifle which holds 45 rounds in each magazine, only 15 damage less? Who cares you will spam that one like a rifle anyway. It's worthy to note it's extremely accurate, being the most accurate weapon in the game if you look at it from a vanilla point of view.

    The AWP - The AWP sniper rifle holds 10 rounds of Airsoft .50 caliber bad quality imitations that deal 115 damage and 500 damage when scoped in, it has a slow firing speed, but it does very high damage. It's worthy to note however it's the most inaccurate weapon in the entire game, and makes you wonder "WTF I SHOT THE TANK 10 TIMES IN THE CHEST AND ONLY 2 HITS REGISTERED?" So you're better off spaming with the Hunting Rifle or the Military, since with those ones you can actually hit the tank. It's reload speed is "God damn it why did I pick this crap when my ping is higher than 30" but other than that it's an excellent choice for tier 3 tanks.

    The Scout - The Scout is like the AWP's little brother, it holds 15 rounds instead of 10 and deals 350 damage per shot, it's accuracy is slightly better, but still shit and you need perfect routing to actually hit something with it more than 2 times in a row.

    And lastly,

    The Grenade Launcher - The Grenade Launcher is a weapon you can not buy for free even if you are in a clan, it does great AoE damage, it's base damage when I last tried it was of 1200 and it costs 34 bounty for me, it's worthy to note it's useless for it's cost and the only reason you would buy it is because you got tired of all the CI surrounding you and immobilizing you so you decided it's best to blow them all up with one grenade, even if it damages you as well.

    This pretty much concludes my weapons review. I will not review the Melee weapons since their differences are marginal and all of them are good.
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    There are quite a few things you glossed over.

    The Desert Rifle has better damage per magazine than any other rifle, especially when combined with Piercing Bullets. Also it's recent buff put its fire rate in between the AK47's and the M16's, so it's a suitable middle ground between them.

    M60 will do 100 damage to common infected, generally 1 shotting any of them, no buff needed. Also benefits greatly from Piercing Bullets, capable of easily maxing it out.

    SG552 has the highest firerate of all rifles (maybe even all guns as a whole) so it really is a case of do you prefer firerate (SG) or slightly higher stopping power (M16). The scoped mode is also similarly comparable to the AK, except with perfect standing and moving accuracy which the AK does not have. Slightly lower damage and firerate is made up for with its higher mag size. In both cases it's only 3 damage less per shot than it's counterpart.

    Compressed Shell is far from 'useless' but if you suffer from Chronic Reload Syndrome™ then I guess it isn't for you.

    The Pump Shotguns basically 1 shots just about every Special Infected on Advanced, and 2-3 shots on Expert. Again, not what I'd call useless. They also don't suffer from 25% damage reduction to Tanks that auto shotguns have.

    SMG has a faster fire rate and reload speed than the Silenced. Ideal for shredding infected, but not much else.

    MP5 has a lightning fast reload speed and higher damage than the regular SMG. Also has way better running accuracy than the M16 so is a good choice for those always on the move.

    Silenced SMG has about a 10% slower fire rate and a 30% lower reload speed than the base SMG. It also has absolute garbage range (above 900 units the damage begins to fall off dramatically, the only SMG which does this) so it's safe to say this isn't the be all and end all of SMGs.

    Also one thing to note in general is that all assault rifles will suffer a 10% reload speed slow if their magazine is fully empty which SMGs don't have.

    Hunting Rifle also has faster reload speed and fire rate compared to the Military, so again it's mostly preference, neither of which outclass the other. Also I think you might be the only person with issues with the Heavy Snipers.

    Grenade Launcher ignores all standard defense so it's damage is consistent across all difficulties and against most Tanks. You have a tendency to over-use the word useless.

    Every weapon has it's place and it's pros and cons. Just because it's not the best against Tanks doesn't mean the gun is garbage, after all, in most cases the Tanks are the infected you'll encounter the least of (outside of Scenario).
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    As I said before, what I said is wholly my opinion on the weapons and how I chose to use them.

    I also said I don't have all the buffs (example I don't have Piercing Bullets) and as such did not take their bonuses into consideration.

    About the sniper rifle accuracy issue, I can make many videos highlighting my current issues with them.

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