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Maybe a new scenario server at Asia?

Discussion in 'Server Questions / Issues' started by Ben Tinner 【ℓ ღℓ i】, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Is it possible to setup another scenario server at Asia? Because there is only one scenario server in EU and the slots fill up too fast. Also, it allows players at Asia to have better latency and also allows 2 different scenarios to run at once instead of having to wait for one scenario to end before being able to select a different scenario
  2. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    I suggested something similar for the halloween event which I think marvel created and it was empty 24/7 while the other server was full.
  3. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Don't forget a sever cost a lot too
  4. Well, we already have a Asia server running, so i don't see how cost factors into this (unless I am missing something here)
  5. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    yes they just need to host the server on same ip with different port. but let marvel decide what to do.
  6. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    This is just my thoughts on this, Marvel however more or less has the final say on it.

    If enough players (and this isn't enough right now, you're gonna need a lot more attention than just this) happen to recognize the need for another Scenario server, then if Marvel has the time, money and administration to do so it's possible to have another Scenario server.

    However the problem I do see with it is that you cannot guarantee to have both Scenarios filled up to the maximum without sacrificing a lot of ASIA COOP players, forcing COOP to be pretty much empty for minutes to hours on end. Not everyone plays on the same server all the time and this is true for COOP as well. While ASIA is full (most of the time) EU COOP can be empty (however this can vary due to events, time) and vice versa.
  7. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    The idea behind scenarios wasn't meant to be 'AFK on the server and wait for someone who can start a scenario to join' and more 'let's play COOP and go to Scenario when someone starts a mission'. It's unlikely we'll add a new server, and it's entirely possible we may have to change things up so people actually play on COOP or do something else instead of just idling.
  8. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    So now we are forced to play on coop just because of ppl idling on the server ? It even says "or derp around the hideout" (not exactly the same words but you get the idea). Setting the slots to 4 until someone starts the scenario doesn't help or prevent anything at all. It actually keeps ppl away from the servers altogether because you cannot setup 18 ppl unless someone actually starts the scenario. Ppl are idling on the server so what ? Let them be ffs. You create a scenario for farming purposes (and don't deny this!) and then wonder why ppl sit in the server all time ? You are litteraly destroying the fun out of the scenario. Just like we were forced to fight the halloween in the toilet because the parking garage got spammed with cars so you couldn't enter it.
  9. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    The objective of the server was to create UNIQUE stages that the players could clear out. If was also made so people could have fun inside of it. It was not designed for it to be full of idle people the whole time, reducing the amount of players in cooperative games. This is not positive for the community.

    I completely deny it. It was not meant to farm. It is supposed to be a rare opportunity (I insist, rare) that players could have to receive more experience. It was either reducing the amount of players, or removing the tickets of everyone to prevent the over-use of the scenario.

    Helms deep was not even considered at the start, but of the sake of our players, we ended up adding it.

    You are completely forgetting that we are the ones that spend countless hours on this, just to bring a better experience to everyone. Is completely unacceptable for you to throw your critics in such an aggressive way as you are doing right now, and as you did in past events like the valentine one. I won't be silent about it again.

    We are doing the best we can to prevent crashes and to improve the overall thing, but all we get are negative comments here, in discord and in steam.

    All the decisions we take are after long conversations. So your "I know how to do it better" attitude is not welcomed, unless is done in a constructive manner.

    All this said, we will re-think our approach on this and see if we can balance the amount of opportunities to the amount of coop time played.
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  10. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Nice that both of you say different things. One says it will be permanent while the other says its rare. Yes having a tank one shotting you because he scratched you with a car is not any kind of fun or fair gameplay.

    Well why do ppl complain definetly not for the fun and giggles. Im actually mad that yet another scenario / event or whatever is changed in a way that takes all the fun away which is what you want to provide.

    Also yeah fixing crashes or fixing the AI getting stuck in certian areas is one thing but we take the halloween event as example why was the garage closed ? Noone tells anything.

    Why does the Valentine Tank suddenly oneshot you from giving you a scratch with a car (which in all honesty is not some kind of balance thing and you know that). Noone tells. The valentine tank alone had already powerful abilities so i don't see the reason in adding that.

    Similar to the SIT which has now homing meteors if less than 15% max hp (TBH not sure if this was just missing in tank info). Did it need it not really considering that the tank is faster and pulls you towards it when it and if unlucky CC chained until you have 300 hp from 6400.

    I also i dont see how ppl over-use the scenario when the ticket drop chance is like 1 in 350000 or something similar.

    If its not for farming purposes why is it a daily then? Thats the whole point in dailies to do them everyday to get your rewards aka farming the quests.
  11. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    Permanent and rare are not mutual exclusives. The scenario server is here to stay, but the opportunities to enable a mission are rare.

    The Heartbroken tank had the ability to instantly kill with cars from the start and was part of the challenge. It was meant for people to be more aware of their surroundings and to be careful of an abnormal threat.

    The halloween garage was closed because it had too many glitching areas on it, in which the tank would get stuck and it would pretty much make the challenge non existant.

    We don't state the reasons behind all the decisions because is tiresome. Mute wanted to reduce this with a changelog, but if we start to answer the reason behind every single decision we take on the system, the we would have to respond to absolutely every question we got. This is not a full time job for any of us and we are not here to provide 24/7 support. We will at least try to do, but we do not have the obligation to.

    What is the point of playing PR at all if there is no challenge?

    The meteors were added in because players were defeating the tank way to quickly and it didn't reflect at all how powerful the tank was supposed to be. It is a tier 4 after all.

    Yes, the chance is slim and IS GOING TO BE REWORKED, but the problem is that too many people had tickets from previous events. We are going to rework how they are acquired once most people run out of them, except the admins which aren't counted in our statistics.

    It was first made repeatable so that when the opportunity to play the scenario arised, people would be ready to receive their rewards. Again, due to the high amount of tickets people have, we had to reduce it to a daily quest until no more tickets were available. Is NOT for farming all day.

    Given all these problems with the tickets, we decided that we had to either remove all tickets, or limit the amount of players to prevent coop from being abandoned altogether.

    You pretty much nullified any dialog with us with your attitude, and prove the point that it won't matter what we do, you will always find something to be upset about.
  12. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Just create a thread on the forums about it should be more than enough to let ppl know about it or leave some kind of info so another head admin could create it i mean its not like only you 2 have to handle everything when it comes to sharing information. Noone said it is a full time job to provide support.

    Now you tell us that the tickets (their chances) are going to be reworked. 1 small sentence was enough to fully explain it. Which now makes sense in making it a daily. Same for the halloween tank 1 sentence all would be fine but no you just kept silent. Actually saying that the tickets are being reworked would be a total reasonable explanation to remove all tickets.

    Well the differece is simply im saying something unlike other ppl that just leave the server and let you sit there wonder why. (Hint Hint VS)
  13. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I'm happy to see all that new update on mgftw , problably the better update i see and i'm here neat the begenning ( with the first add mutated tank and 100 new level ) .
    Don't think we aren't happy Honorcde

    Just I think the amount enormous of XP needed for new level ( even with a booster ) forced people to play scenario ( like last event permit for me to reach 220 after my unban) at begenning it was just we have ticket but add new rules each day , why did wait people are without ticket like you want at begenning ?

    It's like a summer event , and community really like event the next in 3 months .... i dont' think you need add some difficulty , Supreme infernal Tank is by far the harder tank i see , team created strategy against him , they cooperate

    Thanks again for your work , watching it on stream , now i know the true amount of work needed , don't let a few ruined your work with mute , the only i see on discord cry it's a kid of 15 years problably didn't understand what is code a game . Thanks mute for work after release too , you don't have many time for you .

    Have fun Le Roland
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  14. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    There's feedback, then there's blasting us with 'you're ruining the fun' and other such extremes. If we wanted to ruin the fun we'd close down all PR servers and call it a night. I'm not entirely sure why the 4 slots is such a big deal, one person joins, arranges a mission, and then all the slots are back to normal and anyone can join. If no one can start it, someone leaves and lets someone who can join. If no one wants to leave, do something else and check back occasionally. We have an in game and Discord announcement every time someone starts arranging a Scenario so there's at least some way to know when one is ready both in game and out. You can also leave a global message saying you can start it and maybe someone will leave to let you in.

    Yes things are buggy, yes crashes happen, but we've probably spent the better part of the past 4-5 days trying to implement fixes and improvements, and all we've been getting is flak about how it's too hard, (even with something like a 75% win rate?) how 'nothing is being done about the crashes' (again, 4-5 days of work on crashes that are so seemingly random that we have to guess the issue as they don't show up in testing) and now we're 'ruining the fun'. It's times like this where I wonder if it was even a good idea to provide such features if people aren't going to even appreciate the time we put into them and just want everything to be easy with no difficulty or chance to fail.

    We're not asking for praise 24/7, but is it so hard to understand that, from our point of view, if people just play on the Scenario server all day every day, they'll reach max level in no time, and then cry that there's 'nothing left to do' and that regular coop will just become boring for them as they don't get anything out of playing it. After all the work on the new tanks and map mutations and quests and no one is going to bother with them because they can just farm on Helms Deep 24/7? We're not just gonna let this happen, we aren't machines that can pump out content at the blink of an eye.

    Also your passive aggresive attitude is really quite grating. 'Same for the halloween tank 1 sentence all would be fine but no you just kept silent.' HC probably kept quiet because it's pretty bloody obvious why it was done. People were exploiting the tank to high hell in the garage getting it stuck on the pillar bits, and without reworking the map or putting a fence on every single little crevice not much else could be done.

    The reason we haven't said anything about reworking the tickets until now is simply we haven't fully decided on what to do yet. Saying 'oh we're gonna change tickets' without specifics isn't going to help the situation.
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  15. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Noone ever said that you guys should pump out content in blink of eye. Just being more communicative why things change would help quite alot and dont look like randomly added for the sake of adding stuff. Just to be clear i never said you don't do anything about the crashes or AI getting stuck somwhere.

    Yea the tank got stuck on those pillar things which later got blocked off with objects yet the garage was fully closed. So no for me it wasn't bloody obvious why the garage got spammed full with cars after the pillar things got blocked off.

    Actually who said we don't appreciate the new stuff ? Its just that changes are made with basically zero communication (with the exception if you Mute post a changelog ingame and sometimes a small post on forums) which again look from a players view sometimes randomly added.

    Lets have a look on a classic mmorpg where players fight a boss if you stand in the red circle to long you get either massive damage or just die right away. Now looking at the tanks there are some abilities you cannot really avoid: Acid Hell (Corrosive Tank).
    Getting hit by the bus from the valentine tank at medium to close range.
    Getting CC chained after being hit once until you lose ~90% of your HP.
    Randomly becoming the tanks aggro target while you trying to keep of the commons and specials and dont have shot the tank for the past 5-10 min while others are pumping all their ammo into the tank.
  16. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    What else you are expecting from the PR server. From the day one it is designed to be more challenging.
    You are right killing tanks nowadays is pain.But also think about the buffs we are getting and one of them is tenacity from 300hp to 5800hp+. Diificutly level increasing but with increase in buffs and skills. HC and Mute doing what they are doing from years. In last i will say dont take it peronally i am just trying to explain clearly.

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