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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by timkit, Oct 19, 2018.

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    Hey'll, timkit here with a Buff discussion thread.

    EDIT: Mute made a change to the buff, it now heals half for tanks. Hopefully it makes taking them down a bit easier!

    Thanks to you all that watched this forum thread!

    This time the buff I'm here to talk about is the Vampire Buff...

    Vampire Buff
    You heal yourself by x10 the amount of physical damage you deal.
    <Incompatible with Regeneration Skill>

    This buff is unlocked at level 35 in the General Infected Buffs section and can be equipped by any special infected of most roles. This also includes tanks.

    This buff can be seen as powerful, letting you regenerate back a large amount of health on hit depending on your current damage dealt against the survivors. It applies to all physical hits, including when you are pinning down the victim.

    With tanks, it can even make them very hard to kill, especially inside saferooms. If a tank with all damage increasing buffs and an attack speed buff were to use the vampire buff, it can eventually kill all the survivors and win against them. However, at the same time, having just the vampire buff alone can make the tank fights go on for very long with the tank being able to regain back health that is almost equal to the damage the survivors can dish out to it. This only applies to tank fights happening within saferooms.

    However, not all tanks will be able to do tank fights against the survivors for long periods of duration, since it'll also depend on the skill and the buffs that the tank has currently equipped at the time.

    Without the Vampire Buff however, depending on the skill of the tank, it can do a decent job out there and take down the survivors before it needs to evacuate or it'll need to evacuate at some point in the fight and heal itself with the regeneration skill, including alongside with the double regeneration buff.

    I'm not sure if the Vampire Buff would need any buff changes tbh. I think it's fine the way it is for most Special Infected, but I'll have to think about it for the tank.

    EDIT: Actually, I had a suggestion for that. I would suggest nerfing the vampire buff maximum regen to 1000 HP on hit.

    that's my 2 cents on the buff, if you guys have any thoughts on this buff, leave your replies below!
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  2. Trương Bảo Thy

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  3. JustAnEntity

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    The buff is neat and all but it needs serious nerf.

    I'd say:

    You heal yourself 10x of damage dealt to survivors outside the safe room, if inside the safe room, you'll only heal 5x of damage dealt.
  4. Derflinger

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    Make it a 1-2% damage dealt as heal or a 10 second Cooldown before you can lifesteal again for more strategic attack rather than smashing Mouse 1.

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