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Kiss the user above you with one reason

Discussion in 'Trash talk' started by Rubber Chicken, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Its the holiday season, ppl. Let's give out some kisses.

    Kiss the user above you with one reason. :lips::lips::lips:
  2. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    Because these threads are becoming weirder and weirder... no homo BTW...
  3. Pessego

    Pessego Guest

    Because you once gave me a liquid enhancer. Thank YOU.
  4. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    Because you where part of that event. :D
  5. Potato

    Potato Guest

    for the game fear ty ty ty TY!!!
  6. Kakarot

    Kakarot Senior Member

    because its a potato
  7. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    Because you saved the world more than twice, but you still let Krillin and Yamcha die :D
  8. MarksmanR

    MarksmanR MG Donor

    Because you threw the javelin at my GameCube and broke it, which gave me an excuse to touch your left knee.
  9. A big sloppy kiss for you, Muarks Muarks Muarks. Coz I love squirrels and pinecones. :love:
  10. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    Because I've never kissed a rubber chicken... And probably never will :P
  11. Because i am so darn good at it. haha
  12. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Because he's confident? Hope it ain't misplaced... ;o
  13. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    Because it seems nobody wants to kiss Adward... Also to bump the thread :D
  14. Valandil

    Valandil Member

    Because.. I can? :D
  15. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    Because I've been kissed too much today.. why not then...
  16. Because you are such an awesome guy. Muarks!
  17. Valandil

    Valandil Member

    because you have a cute voice
  18. Because you always killed me in HI
  19. Valandil

    Valandil Member

    because i want to make up for killing you repeatedly in HI
    it's just as the saying
    "let's kiss and make up"

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