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Increase player capacity (server size) for COOP servers

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Vanz, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Vanz

    Vanz New Member

    The server seems to be extra crowded recently, with a max size of 16, I used to wait 5-10 mins but now I find myself waiting for 30 mins or maybe even longer queuing to enter COOP Asia. Even on weekdays at working hours (non-peak), this could get worse on weekends and peak hours. Not to mention the rage when you disconnect... soon or right after joining = repeat the whole long queuing process. Sometimes when I have an hour or two to play and feel like going on L4D2 but see that the server is full and all other servers at 0. It really deters me as I would be spending half my available time waiting to get in and hope I don't dc.

    Although making another COOP Asia server seems feasible, filling up another server at 16 would be difficult still at the moment and no one would bother going to fill up the other server as too few players in the server would make it boring. Hence people would just queue up still waiting to enter the full server, even if they did enter the other server it would just be playing around until their queue is up to enter the main server. Rendering players outside of server and the other servers unutilized, potentially wasting resources.

    1st Suggestion : It would seem more effective if the server size could be increased to 20-26 or something along those lines. Even pushing it to 18 would be better than how it is now with regards to queue time and also more people = more fun, IMO :)

    2nd Suggestion : For People who disconnect/timeout maybe give them one minute rejoin time? In that minute the slot is kept for them in case they reconnect?
    This will help with the disappointment when disconnected after queuing for a long time to enter server and also disconnected when fighting tank.
    Just to make disconnecting feels less like a punishment.

    Thank you for your kind consideration!

    and yep I am typing this while waiting to join the server even at non-peak weekday period, and I just dc-ed after getting in... here we go again.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017

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