F**k the user above you with one reason

Discussion in 'Trash talk' started by ✪Elfy Mint✪, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. ✪Elfy Mint✪

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  2. ✪Elfy Mint✪

    ✪Elfy Mint✪ Junior Member

    Nevermind I change my mind,lock this please
  3. Who's Ya Daddy

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  4. TJ

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  5. Stefeman

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    And that's why i made this section so, that it does not show up in "What's new"
  6. MarksmanR

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    Homophobic homosexual transvestite hermaphrodite homosapien who has a fear of normally developed elbows.
  7. klarnetbass22

    klarnetbass22 Member

    What ?
  8. HighVolt@ge

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    LMAO just awesome :smiley-whacky108:

    Best thread ever
  9. klarnetbass22

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