Dota 2 performance issue (fixed. please delete the post. thanks)

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    Hey guys,
    I have a 144hz monitor and pretty good GPU (ASUS Strix gtx 970) and when i play v-sync off it is not smooth and feels like playing on 30fps even tho i get around 110-160fps and i get screen tears. When i limit it to 100hz and v-sync on it is good and smooth. But in some intense teamfights it drops my fps and start lagging. I see some people play it v-sync off and gets the same fps play it lagless and smooth. And i dont have that problem in another game. I tried to run the game in minimum video settings which didnt help... So please help me

    Edit: I just realised it happens after creep spawn. I dont get any problems in game modes without creeps such as overthrow.

    Edit 2.0: Problem got fixed by itself. Can someone delete the post? Thanks
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