Buff Idea: A buff to let you reflect damage back at infected

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  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    There has never been a survivor buff of the type that can reflect damage back towards the infected, with the exception of the effect from the bonus toaster

    "[PR] Physical damage dealt to you will be returned! The effect lasts for 60 seconds."

    Since some bonus toasters have a buff with a similar effect, shouldn't this one also deserve it's own?

    The buff would be a Defensive Buff

    Buff Name: Counter Knife

    As a survivor, you have learned the skill to initiate a counter attack against any infected upon them trying to hit you by using your knife. Every time an infected hits you with their melee or ability attack, you have a 2% chance to block the attack and deal the damage you would have taken to the infected. The damage dealt to the infected is multiplied by x10 on Common Infected, x5 on Special Infected, x4 on Tier 1 tanks and x2 on Tier 2 tanks and above. Chance increases to 4% if you are the only survivor left.
    <Damage Dealt to infected ignores all defenses (including abilities) and isn't affected by upgrades, skills, buffs>
    <Cannot reflect the Assassin, Cloaked Assassin, and Heartbroken Tank punches>
    <Cannot reflect damage under certain conditions: Being Cursed, Being Frozen, Executioner Tank Death Sentence Ability>
    <Effect only works if you currently have at least 1 usable knife left>
    <Coop Only>

    I'll explain behind why you won't be able to reflect the following tank punches
    Assassin and Cloaked Assassin Tank: Because for the first two, their punches deal 1000 HP per hit.
    Heartbroken Tank: Because his punches reduce your defense and his punch damage increases as his fury increases, makes sense for it to also prevent your Counter Knife from affecting it this way.

    I'll also explain behind why you won't be able to reflect the following tank punches under certain conditions
    Bloody Tank: When cursed by the tank, you won't be able to block and reflect damage from all infected.
    Freezing Tank: When frozen by the tank, you won't be able to block and reflect damage from the tank's punches.
    Executioner Tank: When dealt damage while your Death Sentence is equal to 15/15, it cannot be blocked and reflected.

    The reason why behind the third <> is because this buff is used to give players a challenge to see if they can conserve their knives. If they are players who do good teamwork all the time, don't get caught by special infected often and only use their knives for serious emergencies only, then they deserve to keep the buff effect. If the player is a fool to waste all his knifes on special infected, then he is a fool to defend against them as he won't have the means to counter attack using the only method that would save him.

    The buff would be Coop Only because the reflect damage dealt back to special infected is quite powerful, and plus VS players do run out of knives more quickly in Versus.

    Here's how you would know it would work.

    *Melee Weapon Sounds play at a louder volume than normal*
    [PR] Damage Blocked and Reflected!

    If the damage can't be blocked and reflected because of the above conditions
    [PR] Damage couldn't be blocked and reflected.

    If you wanted to know that you aren't able to use the buff effect
    *After the last usable knife was used, leaving you with none left*
    [PR] You can no longer counter attack infected anymore.

    Soooo... What do you guys think? Poll is above!
  2. Leon

    Leon Member

    Good idea but the amount of buffs we equip we even lack one, two, or even 3 more buffs to feel complete about the setup we do, so instead of taking a spot in buff, why not make it in skill instead of buffs? and make max stats for count as you mentioned above, but upgrading it would be same as tank lure, small amount each time.
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  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Hmmm ok, yes perhaps some buffs that can be ideas also deserve to be upgrades.

    The Intense Fire buff for example (Not a really useful buff to have on COOP considering you already deal enough damage to quickly kill them. However in VS, you can have it as an upgradable skill where each upgrade increases the fire damage dealt per tick perhaps)

    Anyways back on topic in regards to my buff, here's how I would see it as an upgrade

    Upgrade: Counter (Can go up to an upgrade level of 6)

    On each infected hit dealt to you, you have a x% chance to block and reflect that attack back for double the amount of damage you would have received. Effect is multiplied by x10 instead on Common Infected.
    <Doesn't apply to attacks that deal equal to or more than 1000 damage per hit>

    x% chance to block and reflect the current infected hit.

    (where x is equal to a number between 0.5 and 3%)

    Level 1: 0.5% chance (1 in 200 hits)
    Level 2: 1% chance (1 in 100 hits)
    Level 3: 1.5% chance (1 in 75 hits)
    Level 4: 2% chance (1 in 50 hits)
    Level 5: 2.5% chance (1 in 40 hits)
    Level 6: 3% chance (1 in 33 hits)

    Suggested Level Unlocks
    Level 1: Unlocked at level 25
    Level 2: Unlocked at level 50
    Level 3: Unlocked at level 75
    Level 4: Unlocked at level 120
    Level 5: Unlocked at level 160
    Level 6: Unlocked at level 201 (Requires 1 Enhancement Stone)

    Thanks again for your feedback leon, much appreciated. If anyone else wishes to give feedback on this idea, feel free to post below! and don't forget to answer my poll :)

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