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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Rym™, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Rym™

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    I tested all the weapons for their efficiency in killing Special Infected to see the difference between them.

    Note 1: Tests were performed at max level with max upgrades, your damage will be lower if you do not have MAX precise aim upgrade.

    Note 2: Piercing Bullets was utilized in the test.

    Note 3: The test was performed on an Uber Charger in the Scenario server, and real encounter values will differ drastically depending on the difficulty and amount of players playing in coop.

    Note 4: All weapons here to my knowledge, except the Sniper Rifles have bullet drop-off at long range. All tests were performed at near point-blank range however. This means that all weapons will deal lower damage at longer range, except for sniper rifles.

    Note 5: Weak Point Spotter had procced a few times during this test. The tests were done multiple times to ensure a fair calculation.

    Final Note: Timing values here are not 100% correct, and differ with 10 to 20ms.

    Pistol - 3.40s
    Dual Pistol - 3.96s
    Magnum Pistol - 3.10s

    Rifle M16 - 3.71s
    Rifle AK47 - 3.30s
    Rifle Desert-Rifle - 3.44s
    Rifle M60 - 5.45s
    Rifle SG552 - 3.60s

    Auto Shotgun - 2.03s (Pellet headshot)
    Pump Shotgun - 3.40s
    Chrome Shotgun - 3.50s
    Spas Shotgun - 2.25s (Pellet headshot)

    SMG - 5.14s
    MP5 - 4.40s
    Silenced SMG - 4.60s

    Hunting Rifle - 3.80s
    AWP Sniper - 3.20s (scoped)
    Millitary Sniper - 4.10s
    SCOUT Sniper - 4.20s (scoped)

    Melee (dagger) - 2.7s (1.5s aiming at the head)

    These are all the weapons I tested and how long they took to kill the Uber Charger SI at near point-blank range.

    All shots were abdominal shots. Although Auto and Spas shotguns had the tendency to cause multiple headshots.
  2. NetXe

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    how can you value something that can kill in single shot?
  3. Rym™

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    If a weapon is able to kill in a single shot, I would value it's reload time then.

    I don't think there is any weapon that can kill an uber SI in a single shot consistently, I'm pretty sure AWP headshots will kill any SI, as base damage when I last tried it went to upwards of 21.000 and 30.000+ with berserk.

    But I do not value headshot kill times, becomes scoring headshots consistently on moving targets takes a bit more skill than simply shooting in their direction. Especially consistent headshots with scoped in snipers.

    I didn't try the grenade launcher either, but I know it won't kill SI in a single shot on expert coop, I already tried that.

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